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Common felt making mistakes

Today I would like to describe few of common felt-making beginners mistakes and give some advises to be better. I have accidentally found wet felted booties tutorial  few months ago and have chosen as a bad example. Deeply sorry about that. Booties are cute and looks cozy. And even form of last is so pretty.

  • Laying wool directly on shoe lasts. 

Shoe lasts are great in manufacturing felted booties, shoes, slipper, etc. but it should be used almost at the end of whole process. It lets to make a pretty form much easier. It also helps to felt stronger as we have hard surface inside the boot while felting.  But I deeply do not recommend to  use it at the start of the job.  Why I do not recommend? 

  • Using to small template.

As I mentioned at the precious post, wool must shrink enough while felting. I would recommend at least 1/4 but 1/3  would be better. So you should use a bigger flat template. I prefer polyethylene foam sheet, because it is stable and flexible when I need to pull it out. 

This is how my set looks like. I also use tulle, olive soap and hot water.

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