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Size matters in felt-making proccess

Size matters

Here I'll try to give some tips for felted product buyers and felt-making beginners as well. I make felted footwear mainly so basically I have it in my mind and I'm talking about it. Why? Because my colleague recently has shared some links and photos to some slippers and baby booties witch were... Well I can't say that stuff was not felted enough, it was pre-felted. Not sure is it legal to share a link to these products.But here are some advises. 

  • Felted footwear mustn't be  fluffy. It must be hard felted and solid. 
  • If you are tying to make slippers by your self be sure it shrinks enough. Yes it takes hours of hard work. That's ok, that's normal.
  • Shoe last would help.
  • Well made felt cost a lot. Normally it cost more than all these pre-felted items.
  • Well felted slippers or shoes might be worn up to one - two years. Depend how frequently. I'm working at home in my slippers, for example.

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